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Sincheon Stream

Sincheon Stream1
Sincheon Stream2

Address Dongin-dong 3-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu

Phone number +82-53-589-5854

The river is a lifeline covering and encompassing the center of the city. Sincheon is providing river scene and crossing the center of a city. It started from the south part of Biseulsan Mountain’s top. When it reaches to the Yonggye, Gachang, it meets Daecheon which is located in a point near Paljoryeong. After joining these two rivers, it is passing the Chimsan-dong and reaching to the Geumhogang River. The total length of this local stream is 12.5km and the basin area is 165. 3㎢. There are 13 bridges with special roads crossing the river where the tourists can take a rest or work out by walking or riding bicycles. In particular, there are a cool swimming place in summer and a flavor skating rink in winter which can remind your childhood memories. In addition, there are a social space for outdoor stages and festival places. It is attached great importance for an ecological river in harmony with nature

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