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Gatbawi Rock

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Address 350, Gatbawi-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Phone number 053-982-0505

Sitting 850 meters above sea level, the large Buddha Gatbawi Rock(formal name: Gwanbong Yeorae-jwasang) is 4 meters high. Its name derives from the flat rock it wears on its head like a traditional hat (gat). Gatbawi Rock is said to grant one wish to those who pray here and so it is visited by many believers starting from the early morning. People swarm to Gatbawi Rock at the beginning of each month and during college entrance examination season. New Year's Day is especially busy with people wanting to watch the sunrise. Gatbawi Rock is designated as Treasure No. 431.

Gatbawi Rock - Open Hours, Disabled Facilities, Korean Information Service, Foreign language guide service, Parking Facilities,
Open Hours No restriction
Disabled Facilities barrier free convenient facility of wheelchair not available
Korean Information Service cultural heritage interpreter
Foreign language guide service the cultural heritage interpreter (English, Chinese, Japanese) can be invited to make introduction during weekdays or when the foreigner group have made reservation
Parking Facilities parking available


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