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Daegu-hyanggyo Confucian Academy

Daegu-hyanggyo Confucian Academy1
Daegu-hyanggyo Confucian Academy2
Daegu-hyanggyo Confucian Academy3
Daegu-hyanggyo Confucian Academy4
Daegu-hyanggyo Confucian Academy5

Address 112, Myeongryun-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Phone number +82-53-422-8700


King Taejo, who led the Joseon Dynasty, wished to repress the Buddhist-centered policies of the former Goryeo Dynasty and to expand the following of Confucianism, which formed the basis of everyday etiquette. He established 'hyanggyo' as schools to teach his people Confucianism as well as literacy and traditional culture. Daegu Hyanggyo was established in 1398, but was closed in 1592 during the Japanese invasion and moved to its current location in 1932. Even to the present day, Daegu Hyanggyo is a site of Confucian education and traditional weddings.

Daegu-hyanggyo Confucian Academy - Open Hours, Disabled Facilities, Korean Information Service, Foreign language guide service, Parking Facilities,
Open Hours varies with each event
Disabled Facilities No special facilities
Korean Information Service cultural heritage interpreter
Foreign language guide service cultural heritage interpreter
Parking Facilities parking available


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