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Suseongmot Lake Resort

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Address 35-5, Yonghak-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Phone number +82-53-666-2863

This park was designated as an official Daegu Park in the 1940’s, and was subsequently expanded to make it into a complete tourism and rest attraction for citizens and visitors alike. The natural landscape of the park is quite breathtaking, with mountains surrounding the picturesque Suseong Lake, on which visitors can enjoy paddle boats. To the west of Suseong Lake, there is Suseong Land, which boasts many attractions and amusement park rides.

Suseongmot Lake Resort - Open Hours, Fees, Disabled Facilities, Korean Information Service, Foreign language guide service, Korean Reservation Guide, Foreign Reservation Guide, Parking Facilities,
Open Hours Anytime available, but different shops have their open time. PM 3:00 ~ AM 1:00
Fees amusement park, amusement facilities are all different
Disabled Facilities No special facilities
Korean Information Service no introduction service
Foreign language guide service no introduction service
Korean Reservation Guide no service
Foreign Reservation Guide no service
Parking Facilities parking available


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