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Palgongsan Mountain Natural Park

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Palgongsan Mountain Natural Park2
Palgongsan Mountain Natural Park3
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Address 6-1, Palgongsan-ro 199-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Phone number +82-53-982-0005


Palgongsan Mountain is a famous mountain in Daegu reaching heights of 1,192 meters. It was called with many different names during the Silla period including Buaksan Mountain, Jungaksan Mountain, Gonsan Mountain, and Dongsusan Mountain. It was called Gongsan during the Goryeo period, and was officially named Palgongsan Mountain during the Joseon period.

Tourism course - It’s the famous mountain (also the efficacious mountain) popular with both of Daegu citizens and visitors from other areas. The road from Donghwasa Temple till Grotto of Amitabha Buddha Triad, Gunwi is the popular path with the car driving visitors. You are suggested to follow the comfortable driving course from Donghwasa Temple, passing by Sutae-gol, Pagyesa Temple and reaching the 3-fork of Guryongsa Temple. There are other courses towards Gunwi Samjon Grottoes, Gasan Sanseong and Songlimsa Temple. It’s also a famous Buddhism cultural center with various scattered temples in the mountain, like Gatbawi, Donghwasa Temple, Pagyesa Temple,Buinsa Temple, BukJijangsa Temple, Gwaneumsa Temple and Gwan-am. There are mountains of rocks and streams here, where you can appreciate the azaleas covering the whole mountain in spring, frondent jungle and limpid stream sound spreading around the mountain in summer, the amazing maple leaves overspreading the ring road in autumn, forming an amazing scenery line.

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