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Biseulsan Mountain Country Park

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Address 203, Hyuyanglim-gil, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea (inside Jayeon Hyuyanglim, Alt. 590m)

Phone number +82-53-614-5481~2


This park was designated as the Dalseong-gun county park in 1986. It is a predominantly soil mountain, which boasts rich terrain and a natural forest. The resort is an ideal place for relaxation and respite. It is filled with blooming flowers in spring, offers a beautiful fog-filled valley in summer, falling leaves in autumn, and an ice-capped mountain in winter.

Biseulsan Mountain Country Park - Sales item, Open Hours, Luggage storage, Disabled Facilities, Parking guide,
Sales item No special facilities
Open Hours Information available
Luggage storage no introduction service
Disabled Facilities parking lot available: performance parking lot, facility parking lot
Parking guide Tourism course – there are Yugasa Temple course, Yongyeonsa Temple course and Gachang Jeongdae course along the hiking trail. You can also stay for the night inside the Biseul Mountain Natural recuperation woods. The spring- azaleas, summer- camping & stream, autumn – maple leaves & miscanthus as well as winter – icy garden inside the Biseul Mountain Natural recuperation woods are always there for you. All in all, there are various places you can be interested in and visit in Biseul Mountain, including temples, relics etc.


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