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Geumsugangsan (Land of Beautiful Scenery)

Commonly, Daegu has an image of complicated metropolis rather than a tourist destination. However, if only you get out of the downtown area just a little, there are many travel destinations where you can enjoy your composure freely and quietly. Either the cycle path heartily stretched along the Nakdonggang River or the Daegu Arboretum where you can feel the fresh air deeply in your heart is more than enough to soothe your mind and body worn out by daily life. You haven’t seen everything yet. The block stream of Biseulsan Mountain is a masterpiece of nature made in the Mesozoic era. Above all, the most fascinating factor is that these attractions are in Dalseong-gun in a huddle, not far from Daegu downtown. Daegu Geumsugangsan Slow Walking Course allows you to enjoy the attractions of Daegu leisurely, satisfying various needs of travelers.