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Daegu 10 taste

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Rice and Soup

Rice and Soup

Awesome soup!

Spicy and sour taste

Rice and Soup, which originated in 50 years ago, is the only form of Tongbang culture, rice, and soup, which is the only form of food that is only eaten in Daegu. Unlike other local countries, Rice and Soup are made with chopped green beans and chopped garlic It is delicious with a lot of aftertaste, though it is spicy and spicy. In addition, Daegu local food, which represents the flavor of Daegu which is 'hot', originated from eating soup and rice separately from soup and rice. It was particularly popular among the refugees from around the country in June 25. It is a characteristic that it made a compromise between the gomgukguk and the nursery. At the central intersection, there are old traditional restaurants in the middle of MMC.

Grilled Beef Entrails

Grilled Beef Entrails

A favorite taste of drinker

A savory, chewy taste

Mangchang, which is best suited to shochu snack rather than rice, is made by brewing bamboo or charcoal, the fourth largest of cows in Daegu province from the early 70s, and eaten with specially prepared miso sauce accompanied by garlic and 쫑쫑 sun side. Low-fat high-protein foods, especially calcium content is significantly higher than beef, so it is good for growing and growing children. In Daegu, the culture of poisonous mushrooms has developed explosively and spread throughout the country. After the IMF fiasco in Seoul, Sangdong era, starting from the golden mangrove near the old Mido theater (moved to the opposite side of Nam-gu, Seongsan Tourism Hotel), the restaurants such as Doosan-dong Arizona Mangchang ran 'Makchang Boom Relay'.

Row beef meat

Row beef meat

Chewing taste of raw meat!

Smooth chewing and sauce of fresh raw meat
Spicy and spicy taste

In the late 1950s, he developed a recipe that heavily soaked in sesame oil, garlic, and ground pepper powder seasoned with slices of sausage (with a thigh inside the cow's hind legs) and rumbles. There is a noodle soup that is prepared by taking a thin slice of raw meat from Jeonju and pouring it on sesame oil salt. However, Row beef meat in Daegu province is the only one in Daegu that is unique to Daegu. Because it does not sell if it is not fresh          You can feel the real taste of fresh Hanwoo as it is the best place to drink alcohol. Nationwide, sake was popular as a sake dish from Surajang, but Row beef meat, a Korean beef raw meat, was donated by Daegu. 'Row beef meat' means 'raw beef sliced to a size of a thumb'.

Dong In-dong steamed rib

Dongin-dong  steamed rib

Spicy rib!

Hot, spicy taste

In the 70s, the crushed lamb is served in a pan, and it is only in the cod, which is different from the lamb chops that have been spiced with hot chili powder and chopped garlic as main sauce and flavored with other regional soy sauce. It is served with a glass of liquor, and the meal is characterized by a spicy flavor that combines with the remaining sauce. And unlike galbi steamed in Seoul and Gyeonggi province, the tongue is so tender that it tastes very sweet and tasty. In the early '70s, he showed his first appearance in the dwellings of Dong-In-dong, Jung-gu and developed into a local food village.

rice catfish stew

rice catfish stew

Strong and quick!

A spicy and bland taste

It is a hot spicy hotdog with a lot of garlic and red pepper powder in the seaweed that makes live catfish with kelp and radish. At a reasonable price, it is a gorgeous quantity and an extraordinary taste of soup. Especially, when you eat soup, you mix it with soup and taste more deeply.

Bulgogi pufferfish

Bulgogi pufferfish

Spicy, Advanced Fusion!

Sweet and spicy taste

Fried pork roast salmon with bone sprouts and spicy spices. It first appeared in Daegu 20 years ago, and it eats rice with the spicy Bulgogi pufferfish and the remaining sauce. You can eat it with ramen noodles. Now, most of the restaurants in Daegu's puffer fish dishes are handled by the menu, and the soft and spicy taste is excellent for Daegu. It was developed 20 years ago in a local restaurant and cooked spicy in consideration of the taste of the locals. Bean sprouts also use a very developed body.

Pressed noodles

Pressed noodles

Anchovy stock!

Delightful and Hot food

Daegu is the only country where noodles are used to rejuvenate anchovy soup, which is dominated by noodles representing the largest consumption of flour and noodles in the country. It is different from Andong's dried noodle which does not use again. It mixes flour with moderately flour and thinly and extensively slices it. And 'pressed noodle' is an alias of 'Gyeongsangkol kookgasu'. The back alley of Migliore was once famous for Kalguksu alley.

Vegetables seasoned
with seasonings row fish

Vegetables seasoned with seasonings row fish

A spicy and sour creamed anju !

Spicy and hot flavor

Because Daegu is an inland area, it is hard to taste fresh live fish, and life is like squid and sora rice paddies. Anago dates as raw beans, buttercups, and other local horseradish sauces, and pepper powder, garlic and ginger Taste is unique to Daegu from 30 years ago and is a specialty of Daegu. Squid, and sora, and rice paddies in the rice paddy fields, and the anago is characterized by putting it raw. On the other hand, it is a menu which is cheap, spicy and hot, and no one is preoccupied with men and women. The main streets are Ndangdong-dong-myeon-dong-dong alley, which has 15 restaurants including Honam and Chungmu restaurant.

Yaki Udon

Yaki Udon

Various seafood and vegetables!

A sweet-smelling taste

There are udon-fried noodles called yakisoba in Japanese food, but onion, cabbage, pumpkin, host herb, thyme mushroom, leek in summer, spinach in winter, shrimp in squid, squid in winter based on spicy spicy powder and garlic Yaki Udon, a pork chop cooked on a hot spring, was developed in Daegu 30 years ago. It is a menu that is mostly handled in Daegu's Chinese restaurant, and it is characterized by being sweet and slightly addictive.

flat dumplings

flat dumplings

Thin but strong!

Smooth, sweet taste

It features a taste that is close to tastiness. The dumplings are made with half - moon shaped dumplings in a thin dumplings, boiled in water, and baked, and the flavor of drinking soy sauce is a taste only found in Daegu since 40 years ago. Yosai is also delicious taste mixed with tteokbokki or spicy vegetables. A new concept dumplings made with vegetable dumplings centered in Daegu in the early 1960s to eliminate the tastes of traditional Chinese dumplings. Of course, it was first introduced in Daegu, and it is used as if it is putting on the side, leek, carrot, cabbage,